There's a Very Good Reason You Should Own This Abarth Race Car

Open-wheel racing is one of the hardest forms of motorsport to get into. Between the high cost of maintenance, the need for a gazillion sponsors, and the general requirement for actual skill, the sport makes it difficult for those that either are just starting. One of the cheapest options, actually, is to head over to Skip Barber and take their Formula Mazda School. But what if there was a way that you could enter open-wheel events without having to constantly shell out cash? What if we could show you a one time cost that would set you to join the ranks of Senna, Hamilton, and Stewart? Would it be worth the price of a Ford Fiesta? We think so. RELATED: Check out Carroll Shelby’s First Ever Rac Ccar that Recently Went up For Sale This is a 1977 Abarth SE025FL Experimental Forumle Libre Racing/Hill-Climbing Single Seat racecar, and it could be yours for around $20,000. According to Bonhams, who is selling the racer, “In 1972, Abarth & C's extremely capable chief designer, Mario Colucci developed another single-seater racing car chassis from his Formula Italia concept. This was the larger-engined Fiat-Abarth Formule Libre, which was to be powered by the Fiat 124 Rallye Spider 4-cylinder 1756cc engine, more highly-tuned than in rally configuration to develop as much as 170bhp at a lusty 6,200rpm.” In essence, what you’ll be getting is a fully built, ready to race, single seat racecar that was built in the 1970s— the golden age of racecars. Additionally, Bonhams has stated that this car in its current state, is still ready for sprint, hill-climb, and track-days. That means, when everyone else starts showing up in their Porsche 911’s, or Ferrari road cars, you could show up in a proper racecar and be the bell of the ball. RELATED: You Could Own This Porsche 935 Race Car This Formula Libre car is an absolute stunner. So head on over to Bonhams if you’re interested. ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide