This Personal Speedboat Drives Like a Car

Driving a boat and driving a car are two very different experiences. This personal speedboat, though, is made for those who prefer to take to the water with a vehicle that drives more like it's on land. The Wavekat P70 has a mid-mounted engine and can perform 90-degree turns at high speeds thanks to its catamaran styling. There's a gas pedal like you find in a car and pressing it will have you moving along at speeds over 35 knots or around 40 mph. RELATED: See The 3,100 Horsepower Mercedes Cigarette Boat The company says it's so easy to drive, you don't even need any lessons or a special license to pilot the vessel. If you can drive a go-kart, then you can easily drive the Wavekat P70. Your biggest challenge won't be learning to drive this go-kart speedboat, but being able to afford one. Each takes about 45 days to build and another 7-10 days to ship directly from Europe or Asia. The price comes in at $22,500 so it's not a cheap toy. But it sure looks like a lot of fun if you can afford to tie one up at your dock. RELATED: See The Crazy Volvo Boat Take to The Water ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide