Mark Wahlberg Retells the Combat History of the Indian Motorcycle

The history of America cannot be told without the mention of a few definitive companies, in some cases, a bit more involved in making history than others. Indian Motorcycle is one of them, having built thousands of combat bikes during the first and second World Wars, and undoubtedly permitting the delivery of some incredibly important messages.  To honor the brave men and women who have served, past and present, Indian and the USO have built a modern tribute bike in the likeness of those vintage military two-wheelers. It’s called the Custom Military Scout, and Mark Wahlberg spent some time to talk about it, as well as Indian’s history on the front lines. It’s worth a look. RELATED: See More of the 2015 Indian Motorcycle Custom Military Scout
Hundreds of thousands of US troops road to victory on multiple continents during the conflicts, many atop the American-built Indian Scout. Today’s version is a bit more technically evolved than the original Scout, but this special tribute – built by Klock Werks Kustom Cycles using a 2015 Indian – helps give it that unforgettable look. The Klock Werks creation now sports a custom matte green finish, leather saddle bags, military-style reproduction headlights, and rather unmistakably – a Thompson submachine gun scabbard sitting at the ready on the bike’s front fork. RELATED: Mark Wahlberg's Toyota Minivan Has Rims and DirecTV According to Indian it won’t be the last of their custom remakes of historical bikes… there’s another coming in June. Any guesses? RELATED: Take a Closer Look at the Sinister 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide