Jaw-Dropping Delahaye USA Bugnaughty Commemorates 1930s Design

The 1930s was a golden age for automotive design. Companies like Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, and Jaguar all created some of the most iconic cars ever seen. But the craftsmen over at Delahaye USA weren’t around in the ‘30s (not associated with iconic French designer Delahaye), so they had to create an iconic ‘30s-inspired car here and now in 2015. It’s called the Bugnaughty— and if you think it sounds similar to Bugatti, you’d be right. The Bugnaughty fuses Auburn, Delahaye and Bugatti styling from the era, and transforms it into a single, jaw-dropping vehicle. It even has a “flying stork” hood ornament off a Hispano Suiza. RELATED: See More of the Stunning Delahaye USA Bugnaughty The interior is lined with leather and features a hint of creature comforts from the modern era. Though, the design remains reminiscent of 1930s era vehicles with old-fashioned gauges and chrome aplenty. The Bugnaughty sits on top of a modified Ford platform and uses a 302 cubic inch Ford V8 and an automatic transmission. So it definitely has the ability to get up and go — though, it looks best standing still. RELATED: See Photos of the 2014 Delahaye USA Pacific No word on how much this one-off classic costs, but we expect to see it on display in Monterey later in the year. RELATED: Bigfoot Model A Mail Truck is the Stuff of Legends ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide