Watch a Rally Driver Lose His Steering Wheel and Keep Driving

To most people, a rapidly deflating tire or wounded radiator would be major causes for concern, solved only by pulling over and patching them up. To others, such automotive injuries are merely minor inconveniences. This Polish rally driver is surely one of those people.  His rally car’s radiator and tires would appear to be fine, but something equally important wasn’t – his steering wheel, as seen in this video turned up by Jalopnik. Upon rounding the end of a long straightaway, and after a little right-left flick, the steering wheel pops off in the driver’s hands. Not exactly the intended result, but a ‘quick-release’ wheel nonetheless. RELATED: Meet Volkswagen's Unbelievable 544HP Beetle Rallycross Car
Luckily, both driver and co-driver were not injured in the slightest, but the driver might have weary arms for the remainder of the week. That’s because, despite the wheel popping off, the Polish racer manhandles the actual steering wheel hub, without the aid of power steering, putting the car back on course and getting it moving at a speed much faster than most would attempt sans wheel. It just goes to show that defiant “no, the race must go on” mentality, and though it goes without saying, we suggest not trying this one at home, or at your local Polish rally stage. VIDEO: Surprise! This Rally Driver Comes Face to Face With Another Car on Track ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide