Study Shows 25 Percent of Cars Cause 90 Percent of Vehicular Pollution

As the fight to move toward renewable energy continues, a new study from the University of Toronto shows alarming and interesting information. According to the findings, 25 percent of cars on the road are causing 90 percent of the pollution coming from vehicle emissions. The study examined the results of 100,000 vehicles on one street in Toronto. It's a sampling from a compact geographic area, but the results provide interesting insights. According to the study's engineers, this small number of vehicles produces 95 percent of black carbon (soot), 93 percent of carbon monoxide, and 76 percent of "volatile organic compounds." RELATED: Obama Orders Reduced Pollution from Coal Industry, EV Owners Rejoice “The most surprising thing we found was how broad the range of emissions was,” said Greg Evans, a chemical engineer at the university. “As we looked at the exhaust coming out of individual vehicles, we saw so many variations. How you drive, hard acceleration, age of the vehicle, how the car is maintained – these are things we can influence that can all have an effect on pollution.” The analysis also found out that the pollution might be affecting more homes than previously anticipated. Although previous research said pollution can downgrade air quality within 100 to 250 meters (273 yards), Evans and his team found that the concentrated pollutants can extend up to 280 meters (306 yards). According to Health Canada, air pollution can lead to a number of health issues, including asthma, heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, and premature death. As mentioned, this is from a small sample, but it's nothing to scoff at. RELATED: 5 Electric Cars You Should Look Forward To Photo Credit: Diesel Mag ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide