The Aeromobil Flying Car Had a Nasty Crash

Aeromobil has recently been testing its flying car concept, and has been dealt a bit of a blow thanks to a crash last Friday. The plane was being piloted by inventor Stefan Klein when something went wrong and sent the plane spiraling to the ground. Klein managed to pull a parachute to slow the plane's descent and lessen the impact, but it still suffered extensive damage by the looks of the picture. A quick trip to the hospital for minor injuries was all Klein needed before being released. RELATED: Watch the Aerobobil 3.0 Take Flight The Aeromobil flying car was on a test run when it ran into trouble. It might seem like a major setback, but the company said that this is the kind of thing that happens with prototypes. They plan to look at all the crash data, evaluate the need for changes, and repair the Aeromobil. Production is slated for 2017 with no word on how much this crash could delay the Aerombil's debut. The plane operates as a high-tech car with two wings that fold along the body when it's in drive mode. The push of a button deploys the wings and gets her ready to fly. Hopefully they're able to quickly diagnose the most recent problem and stay on track without too much delay. RELATED: Read More on the Aeromobil Flying Car of the Future   ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide