General Motors' Ignition Recall Has Now Resulted in at Least 100 Deaths

The final tally on the results of the General Motors ignition recall is still not complete. But a new update reveals that the death toll caused by defective parts is now up to at least 100 people, according to an ignition switch compensation fund. As of right now, the fund currently has 184 approved injury claims, 12 of which are for serious injuries, according to The Detroit News. Overall, 4,342 claims, 474 death claims, were submitted. So far, 1,799 claims have been ruled ineligible. However, Robert Hilliard, a Texas lawyer heavily involved in the case, suggests that GM continues to play down the numbers and actually has tens more deaths on hand that it is not discussing. “Keep in mind [Ken] Feinberg was instructed to only consider the deaths caused by the first two recalls. Ultimately, a very small number of cars compared to the overall ignition switch recall,” Hilliard said. “I have over 60 more death cases caused by the GM ignition switch that are not even eligible to apply for fund compensation because the accident involved a later-recalled GM vehicle." RELATED: The 10 Most Recalled Cars from 2007-2013 Might Surprise You According to deputy fund administrator Camille Biros, 140 of 193 offers have been accepted, and the fund is scheduled to finish its reviews in July. RELATED: GM, Ford, And Others Want to Make Working on Your Own Car Illegal Photo Credit: InAutoNews ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide