Mark Wahlberg's 'Mintmobile' Minivan Has Rims and DirecTV

When you have four kids who are all younger than 11 years old, there are few better family vehicles than a minivan. Unlike his wife, Mark Wahlberg recognizes this and isn't ashamed to admit that he purchased and drives a Toyota Sienna. But it's not your regular minivan. During a recent visit to the Ellen show, Wahlberg discussed the day-to-day life of being a father of four. They talk about how his kids still aren't allowed to have phones (even though Ellen talks about how the average age a kid gets a phone is six?! WHAT?!), dealing with back talk, and Mother's Day plans.  He's only had his "new baby" for about four months, but it already has some pretty sweet features. In addition to the black wheels with the chrome lips, it also has DirecTV. That's the Wahlberg take on the Swagger Wagon. RELATED: Would Anybody Buy an Aston Martin Minivan?
So let's get to the real question at hand: Why does he call it the Mintmobile? Well, it's pretty simple. He literally just keeps bags and bags of Life Savers mints in the van. Which, naturally, is the reason the kids like riding with pops. RELATED: The SpongeBob Toyota Sienna is Every Kid’s Dream Funny enough, his wife is the one who refuses to get into the minivan and only drives an SUV. A recent study claims that men who drive minivans are actually less attractive than a UPS driver. But, for some reason, it's hard to imagine that applies Wahlberg or that he cares at all. RELATED: Study: Men Who Drive Minivans Less Attractive than UPS Guy ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide