BMW Will 'Definitely Not' Build a Pickup Truck

BMW might make four-door versions of a two-door coupe that is based off of a four-door sport sedan, but you'd be crazy to think for a second that the Germans are going to dive into the pickup truck space just to chase sales. It ain't happenin'. When recently asked about the possibility of a BMW truck, in reference to a recent Mercedes-Benz announcement of entering the segment, Senior Vice President of Region Asia, Pacific and South Africa Hendrik von Kuenheim quickly shut it down. According to Australian auto publication Motoring. “Definitely not, because this does not fit to our genes and our culture,” he said. RELATED: See More of the Weird and Wonderful BMW M3 Pickup Truck The conversation comes as a result of rival Mercedes-Benz releasing a teaser of an upcoming mid-size truck. Although Benz pretty much copied the X6 with its own version called the GLE-Class, BMW is not going to return the favor, at least not in this department. The interesting thing about it all is that a BMW ute actually has been built, and pretty recently, too. It just wasn't for production. A one-off M3 was spotted running around on the Nurburgring and was later reported to be a special parts transporter for a BMW motorcycle accessory builder. RELATED: This Lamborghini Pickup Truck is Hard to Comprehend ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide