Who Knew? The Volkswagen Beetle Can Get More Adorable

There are a few quibbles that Beetle owners might air regarding their vintage rides: not comfortable enough, not fast enough up a hill, brakes don’t chomp hard enough. One you probably won’t hear too often is, “I wish my Beetle were smaller and less practical.”  Never say never, though. One intrepid automotive surgeon has responded to that call and created this. According to its eBay listing, it started life as a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle – now it’s significantly shorter, stubbier, and probably much less safe, but my goodness is it cool. RELATED: Take a Closer Look at the Vintage '60s Volkswagen Beetle RELATED: Rumors Suggest Volkswagen May Build This Beetle 'Dune' Concept Despite what looks to be years (or decades) of wear and tear spent in the Arizona desert, it doesn’t look all that rough. A solid two-and-a-half feet appear to have been scooped out of the Beetle’s midsection. The Bug now rocks the "permanent convertible" look, thanks to a scalping which cut across the rear window plane and follows the body line up along the hood. Admittedly, the Beetle’s interior has seen better days, but then so would your car if it never wore a hat. It does, however, include some carpet strips and a shiny gear knob, but effectively you’ll have to sit atop the rear axle. Is it the car for everyone? That would be a resounding "No." It is unique, though, and for that we’re glad it exists. RELATED: Good News! There's Now a 544HP Volkswagen Beetle Race Car ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide