This 8-Second Jeep Might Be the World’s Fastest Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee nameplate is synonymous with performance – typically the off-road, rock-crawling, river-fording type. That being said, you won’t find many boulders or gulches at a drag strip, but this ‘86 XJ is still proving its performance pedigree… as a drag racer.  It certainly isn’t what you'd call showroom stock though. In the video below, the Cherokee owner tallies up the two-door’s modifications, which include a Chrysler ‘megablock’ V8 bored and stroked out to 505 cubic inches, a two-stage nitrous system, custom camshafts, and high performance heads. Horsepower? Try around 1,100 ponies. Judging by these passes, we believe it. RELATED: This is What a $100,000 Jeep Wrangler Looks Like
RELATED: Check Out the Gorgeous 2015 Jeep Red Rock Wrangler Concept During its first drag passes in 2008, the owner noted that the Jeep ran a best time of 10.95 seconds through the quarter mile. Its current top time sits at a speedy 8.44 seconds at 162 mph, and during this day’s runs the Cherokee managed an 8.83, 8.90, and 8.87 through the quarter. Amazingly, the owner says it’s still street legal, albeit probably with different rubber underneath. The Cherokee wears license plates, sports interior carpet, two seats, fully-functioning original gauges, wipers, turn signals, and even a tilt steering wheel. Not bad for a $250 initial investment. RELATED: This Jeep Renegade Concept is the Ultimate Tailgate Party Car ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide