BMW M2 Coming in 2016 — And Packing Some Serious Heat

BMW introduced the 2 Series only last year as a way to streamline the brand’s lineup. 1 Series Coupe becomes 2 Series, 3 Series Coupe becomes 4 Series, and so on and so forth. But while we’ve seen (and driven) a hotted-up variant of BMW’s 4 Series in the M4, we haven’t heard much about the fun little M2... until now. According to the forum 2Addicts, a source “deep within BMW” has confirmed the arrival of an M2 in 2016. On top of that, it’s going to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 365 horsepower. Put it head-to-head against BMW’s 335-horsepower 1 Series M, and that’s a pretty significant bump in power. RELATED: The BMW M235i Race Car is a Sign of Things to Come Along with horsepower, the source even managed to leak out a few details regarding the color scheme. If you’re a fan of variety, you might want to look away now. The M2 will allegedly only come in four colors: Alpine White, Black Sapphire metallic, Long Beach Blue metallic, and Mineral Grey metallic. So long, Valencia Orange. So far we’ve only seen a few prototypes running around (and the concept seen here), but the report says the M2 will hit the line in November, gearing up for a production run of early 2016. Hopefully that means we’ll see a concept version in the near future— Frankfurt or LA, maybe? RELATED: Check Out the World's First Self-Driving BMW 2 Series Image Credit: Theophilus Chin ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide