Some Jerk Keyed This Viper and Caused $34,000 Worth of Damage

A sports car elicits a number of typical responses, many of them welcome – a jovial thumbs up, a smile and a wave, and sometimes a jaw drop. But there are those who don’t revere the sports car… and sadly they tend to do something like this.  According to a feed on the Viper Club of America forum, this late model SRT Viper GTS – a car that carried a $123,000 price tag when new – was keyed extensively while parked outside Palm Beach International Airport. The incident appears to have occurred in early March and while the car’s owner is in the process of returning the Viper to its original condition, the total costs of parts and paint come to around $34,000. For sports car fans of any marque, this is a gut-wrenching sight. RELATED: It Lives! The Dodge Viper ACR Has Returned for 2016 That $34,000 repair bill may seem like a substantial sum for a keying, but as the owner writes, it’s much more severe than that. The vandal not only scratched the paint but dug so heavily into the car that it destroyed the body panels as well. In addition to a thorough repaint, the Viper will require a new hood, headlights, grilles, door, rocker panel, as well as replacement for other carbon fiber elements. While a completely senseless act of vandalism, the Viper owner noted a few possible motivations for the crime, including a gang initiation as well as retaliation against the police. The car was parked next to the local sheriff department’s aircraft hanger. Interestingly (and luckily), the same owner’s Corvette ZR1 was parked nearby and went untouched. There is good news however. The owner noted he is well on his way to having the car returned to previous form… this time with a few hardcore 'ACR' style modifications. VIDEO: Watch a Corvette Z06, Shelby GT500, and Hellcat Have a 'Rev Off' ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide