Rumor has it we could see the ride sometime before 2020.

Today, Universal and Nintendo inked arguably one of the biggest deals in theme park history (aside from the whole Disney buying Lucasfilm thing). Nintendo has agreed to give Universal all the rights to its games and trademarks in order to create a whole series of theme park attractions. The third park, dubbed Universal's Super Nintendo World, will join Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando.

If you love theme parks and Nintendo as much as I do, this is great news. But it’s also great news for another very important reason – the could be building a real-life Mario Kart ride. With Universal’s engineering ability to create great rides, and the power of Nintendo behind them, they could, hypothetically, create the world’s first real life Mario Kart ride. Blue shells and all.

Though we’ve seen a few half-witted attempts at Mario Kart before, this is the first time Nintendo has ever signed on to allow a large corporation such as Universal to bring those lovable characters to life. And come to life they will. Universal has the rights to every character and universe created by Nintendo. Meaning not only will we (one can only hope) see a Mario Kart ride, but maybe also a Legend of Zelda quest, or a a Pokemon-themed hotel – the 11-year-old in me is freaking out right now.

Universal hasn’t officially announced when it would start bringing these characters to life, but you can expect to see something within the next year.