Porsche 918 and Carrera GT Have a Family Get Together

Two supercars, one German automaker. In 2005, Porsche debuted the Carrera GT. In 2015, Porsche unveiled the 918. While the two cars may be 10 years apart, what many people don’t realize is just how similar the two actually are. The sleek front end, the slumped rear, even the long center console all carry over from the Carrera to the 918. Albeit modernized. The only major difference comes by way of power. RELATED: See Photos of the 887-Horsepower Porsche 918 Whereas the Carrera GT uses a raw and unfiltered 605-horsepower V10, the 918 uses a refined and advanced hybrid V8 pushing out 887 horsepower. Both impressive in their own right, but virtually worlds apart. We got a chance to film both of them — thanks to our friends @ItsWhiteNoise — in the California hills. Watch the video below and you’ll see firsthand just how similar (and different) these two cars really are. RELATED: See Photos of the Porsche Carrera GT
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