This Fantastic Rat Rod Comes With a Matching Rat Hauler

Rat rods are crazy looking vehicles, but this one takes things up to a new level with its matching Rat hauler. Making this particular example even more unique is that you won't find it in the US, but cruising around on the streets of Britain. It belongs to a guy named Kev who based his rat rod on a '37 Ford truck. Beneath its wonderfully battered exterior is a 5.7-liter Chevy Goodwrench 350 V8 that set him back about $2,700. It's all paired to a 4-speed automatic and given its light weight, is a peppy ride. Most of the work on the rat rod was done by Kev and he's still messing with bits here and there to make it even better. RELATED: See The Insane Death Race 2000 Corvette What makes this truly fun are the odd details he's added. The compressed air tank is painted with a rat poison warning and there's a severed arm hanging from the trunk. The overflow radiator is a whisky bottle that nicely complements the Jim Beam and Jack Daniel's logos painted on the doors and there are skulls to give it that homey vibe. It looks a perfect wreck, which was Kev's goal. He told MotorPunk, "It's supposed to look a bit shit." The matching Rat hauler gets the same shit, er, rust, treatment as the rat rod it carries. The cab and chassis are a 1938 Diamond T and the engine is the same as what's in the rat rod. Together, they're a heck of a combination. RELATED: See The 2008 Volvo Hot Rod Jakob   ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide