Save This ’69 Charger R/T Before a Barn Falls On It

Without a doubt, 1969 was a big year. The Beatles walked on the moon. NASA launched Abbey Road. And Dodge produced arguably its most beautiful car ever – one that would perpetually lead Top 10 lists until the end of time - the '69 Dodge Charger.  The ’69 Charger built off the nameplate’s striking redesign from the previous year, and was followed by a generally handsome descendant in the '71 Charger. On the whole, it's the coveted ’69 that gets Mopar fans the most hot and bothered. This Charger R/T is one such vintage and it’s listed up for sale on eBay. But give it a firm prod of the gas pedal and you might owe the current owner a new barn. RELATED: See More Photos of the Iconic 1969 Dodge Charger While it’s somewhat surprising now, the Charger debuted to somewhat humble beginnings in 1966. Dodge’s infant muscle car was based on the B-body Coronet and found just over 53,000 buyers in its first two years. That pace would change quite quickly though, because the 1968 Charger proved to be an instant showstopper – Coke bottle body, firm stance, and of course the debut of the R/T package. Those two hallowed letters incorporated the iconic bumble bee go-fast stripes, as well as Dodge’s commanding 440 cubic inch Magnum V8. If you were really lucky, and about $600 richer in those days, you could spec-up to the legendary 426c Hemi V8. Tragically, that relatively steep price tag dissuaded many from the option. Nevertheless the 375-horsepower Magnum is still quite the sledgehammer of an engine. RELATED: Take a Closer Look at the Legendary 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Factor in those under-the-hood performance bits, the revised taillights, and the iconic split grille of the ’69 Charger and you have muscle car royalty on your hands. Hollywood tends to agree too. When The Dukes of Hazzard hit TV screens in the late ‘70s, the General Lee wasn’t a first-year ’66 or a third-gen ’71… it was a heart-achingly pretty ’69. We have similar feelings for this one. This ’69 Charger R/T sports a rather eye-catching color combination along with a heavy hitting, numbers-matching 440 Magnum V8 beneath its snout. Power goes to the ground through a Torqueflite auto, and judging by its restored condition and 74,699 miles on the clock – it has lots of life left in it. RELATED: Get a Closer Look at the Original 1969 'General Lee' Dodge Charger ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide