Let's Hope a Six-Year-Old Drives This Bedazzled Chrysler 300

Just because it's sparkly doesn't mean it's nice or classy. This custom Chrysler 300 more than proves that. Found in Beijing, the wild creation will either blind you, make you vomit, or have you questioning the state of society. Done by One Hundred Tuning Club, the car is studded with more than 25,000 of the little glitter stones, and according to Car News China, it took dozens of hours to complete. Each wheel alone took one person about three days to finish, and the whole project took about four months. And the customization doesn't stop at the sparkles. RELATED: Would You Pay $1.5 Million for This Sparkly Ford Escape? The 300 also has a custom body kit that alters the look of the front, rear, and sides. The car has been lowered, new rims were obviously added, the rear has suicide doors, and the front is rounded off with scissor doors. Slightly more subtle than the exterior, the interior is literally completely covered in white leather, including the doors, the center console, the dash, and even the floor. Additional work added diamond quilt stitching on the floors, parts of the doors, and the center portions of the seats. The total customization cost approximately 56 grand, not including the cost of the car itself. Bling bling.
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