Four Legendary Ferraris Meet on the Track To Create Sweet Automotive Symphony

Few auto manufacturers have impressed an impact on the industry as significant as Ferrari's during the past three decades. And few, if any, have birthed the caliber of automobiles the Italians have released. The F40, the F50, the Enzo, and the LaFerrari have all been groundbreaking machines at their times of launch, and all four have advanced the supercar world in their own ways. A man named Dario Benuzzia is partially to thank for these dream cars. Benuzzia has been working at Maranello since 1969. He's made a living doing something anybody reading this would kill for: testing Ferraris. He literally goes to work each day, takes the cars Ferrari is developing onto a private track, flogs them for hours, then gives the engineering teams his feedback. That's what he gets paid to do. He even helps test the F1 cars, and because of this, he was once named one of Top Gear's men of the year in 2011. As a thank you for his dedicated service, Ferrari brought the four pinnacles of the company from the past 30 years and had him drive them sequentially. Talk about the ultimate time capsule. PHOTOS: See More of the Bonkers 2015 Ferrari FXX-K
These four cars have dominated kids' walls since 1987, when the F40 began production. The F50 followed, beginning in 1995, then the Enzo in 2002, and the LaFerrari in 2013. After 1,311 F40s were produced, the halo cars were kept much more exclusive. Only 349 F50s were made, only 400 Enzos were built, and 499 LaFerraris crossed the production lines. The 950-horsepower LaFerrari capable of 217 mph ushered in a new era for the company as the first hybrid supercar with a KERS unit. Watch Benuzzia enjoy the emotions of all four on track above. PHOTOS: The 2015 Ferrari F80 Concept Is Alien Auto Inception ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide