1,000HP Ford GTX1 Improves the Supercar Recipe

There’s something to be said about a car that keeps its showroom stock appearance. This first-generation Ford GT does not, but if it did… we’d love to envision what that dealership must look like. That’s because this 2006 Ford GT features a stunningly well executed drop-top conversion, accompanied by a rather healthy 1,000 horsepower injection of performance. A car you certainly won’t run into on your typical daily commute, this heady creation is known as a Ford GTX1 ‘TT’ and it will go under the gavel at the upcoming Auctions America event in Auburn, Indiana. RELATED: Take a Closer Look at the 2006 Ford GTX1 'TT' Spyder Towards the middle part of the first-generation GT’s production run, Ford engineers had a compelling idea – let’s lop off the top of a GT! With the help of Mark Gerisch of Wisconsin’s Genaddi Design Group, the team succeeded in scalping the supercar and the resultant GTX1 made its grand debut at the 2005 SEMA Show. Allegedly it made quite the splash, too. Before Gerisch even returned to Wisconsin he had orders pending for the GTX1, and with the blessing of Ford – which didn’t wish to beleaguer its hardtop production run – Gerisch was given the go ahead to build more. The numbers vary slightly, but over 30 Ford GTX1s are claimed to have been built over the years, each forgoing the roof-cutaway doors and donning a pair of sleek, well-incorporated headrest fairings. RELATED: This 1968 'Gulf Racing' Ford GT40 is the Race Car No One Can Forget This one is however a bit more special than the rest. Peel back the rear lid and you’ll find oodles of chrome and a pair of turbochargers in place of the GT’s standard blower, hence the ‘TT’ denotation. The dual boosted Ford GT now muscles up over 1,000 horsepower, surely capable of rocketing driver and co-pilot to the 200 mph mark… with the top down. It isn’t what you’d call cheap however. This rarified Ford GTX1 is expected to tally between $300,000 and $350,000 on the block this weekend. RELATED: Super Rare Ford GT 'Heritage' with Only 13 Miles Sold for $475,000 Photo Credit: Auctions America _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide