An Even More Off-Road Capable Land Rover is Coming

Land Rover customers can fall into a variety of extremes. There’s the crew that considers navigating a wet patch of grass to be off-roading, and the folks who leave the office at 5pm on a Friday, and return muddy, grinning and trail-tested on a Monday morning.  The posh British four-by-fours are exemplary in both cases, but there’s criticism that Land Rover has wandered too far from its barebones, off-road roots. Worry not, however, because according to a report from Car and Driver, that claim can’t be made for long. Land Rover has a trifold plan to expand the trim levels in its vehicle range and the plan includes a hardcore, off-road centric SVX variant – not a descendent of the Subaru SVX, though. If you believe Alcantara and massaging seats have no place in a 4x4… this is good news indeed. RELATED: Land Rover Created This Special Edition Defender SVX in 2008 The news comes from within Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations unit, which has already been tasked with brining heightened SVR (performance) and SVAutobiography (luxury) models to market. According to SVO boss John Edwards, the SVX will bring “added capability” to that threesome, though he wouldn’t be coaxed into revealing which vehicle models would be on the receiving end. Admittedly, a stripped-out next-gen Defender seems a likely choice. Car and Driver also reports that unlike the SVR and SVAutobiography trims, which are expected to permeate the Jaguar and Land Rover lineups, the SVX will be solely a Land Rover venture. A good thing, considering a Jaguar XE 4x4 sports sedan probably wouldn’t sell well… or would it? RELATED: Land Rover Will Send Off the 2015 Defender with Three Special Editions Details lack regarding what consumers can expect but Edwards did note that off-road events like the Camel Trophy and Dakar Rally form points of inspiration for the new SVX vehicles. Did you just hear that collective sigh of relief? VIDEO: See Why the Camel Trophy was Such an Amazing Off-Road Event ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide