Yet Another Ferrari LaFerrari Bites the Dust

The Ferrari LaFerrari is a limited-production, hybrid supercar that costs about $1.7 million (and is trading for double that). With only 499 in existence, Ferrari might want to consider mandatory driving lessons as this latest accident in China demonstrates. Initial police reports indicate drugs and alcohol weren’t involved, and speculation indicates the wreck might have been attributed to slippery road conditions. Although the car looks, frankly, demolished, the driver appears to have walked away with only his self-image totaled. RELATED: See More Photos of an Unblemished LaFerrari Unfortunately, this isn't he first time these exclusive cars have been crashed. There have been at least two other LaFerrari wrecks chronicled since they debuted in 2013. The first happened in Monaco in June 2014 when a LaFerrari crashed with a VW Golf. Sadly, the tires on the LaFerrari probably cost more than the Golf. Then, just a couple weeks ago, another LaFerrari was driven into a ditch in southern France, where, again, the driver walked away. Naturally, as only the top one percent of the one-percenters could do, the person involved made a joke about it later on Twitter. RELATED: This Particular LaFerrari Got a JJ Watt Makeover To recap, three out of 499 LaFerraris are now damaged heavily, if not totaled. This once again proves that some kind of driving academy is needed before getting behind the wheel of one of these 950-horsepower supercars. Except maybe F1 champ Lewis Hamilton could be excused. You know, because he's F1 champ Lewis Hamilton. ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide