Classic Jeep Has a Denim Interior and Reasonable Price

Co-branding is nothing new for car companies. There have been numerous Eddie Bauer Edition Fords, an Orvis branded Jeep Grand Cherokee, and even a Nautica Mercury Villager minivan. But roll the clock further back and you’ll find this ‘70s masterpiece.  The Jeep J10 Honcho Levi Strauss Edition. It’s further proof that everyone likes a little denim here and there. Also, AMC – despite its eventual downturn – was a very remarkable company. A denim aficionado yourself? This denim-toting Levi’s special is up for grabs on eBay. Just don’t acid wash it. RELATED: Javelin SST is brilliant proof AMC knew how to build a muscle car The AMC and Levi’s connection began in 1974, effectively a marketing department decision rather than a nuts-and-bolts engineering move, which was good considering AMC didn’t always have the most secure finances. That year, Levi’s branding showed up on the Gremlin, followed later by Levi’s Edition Pacers and Hornets, as well as the CJ series and Jeep pickup trucks. More or less, the packages featured red Levi’s badges on the exterior with blue denim fabric and Levi’s rivets on the interior door paneling and seats, and in some cases, styling changes made to the dash. The actual denim-ness of the fabric is questionable, and in the Jeeps it was substantially vinyl-like. Nevertheless, the Levi's package proved to be popular enough and lingered for a number of years across the various AMC models, including the Honcho and Golden Eagle pickup truck trims. RELATED: This 2015 Wrangler 'Nomad' is the Jeep you dream about building This 1977 J10 Honcho is one of those surviving special edition Levi’s vehicles. Those seat rivets have been known to get quite hot in the sun and this Honcho certainly has seen better days, but to the diehard denim (or faux denim) collector – it remembers a unique period. RELATED: Outfitter 'Filson' dressed up this $130,000 Jeep 'Brute' ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide