Watch Two Cops Help a Man Give One Amazing Marriage Proposal

Police officers have one of the toughest jobs around. That being said, an occasion such as this must be a welcome sight for the hardworking men and women in blue.  On April 17, 2013, an officer from Michigan’s Royal Oak Police Department pulled over a young man and woman, coincidentally on a first date. Exactly two years later to the day, two Royal Oak police officers pulled over that same couple once again. But instead of a citation, the traffic stop ended in one very memorable marriage proposal. And of course, she said "Yes." RELATED: Check out Palm Beach's new Lamborghini Huracan police car
VIDEO: Watch the Dubai Police race their supercars around town at high speed There might need to be a few Oscars on hand, because these officers pulled off one convincing stunt for the cameras. The traffic stop began rather innocuously with a simple request for license and registration, but took a nerve-wracking turn when the officers asked the driver to step out of the vehicle. After a brief pat-down, the future husband and wife were reunited at the back of the Ram pickup. There the leading officer presented the ring box and said, “Can you explain what this is?” The young woman’s look of disbelief is priceless. Congratulations to the couple, you certainly have quite the marriage proposal story to tell. And hats off to the Royal Oak Police as well. RELATED: This man was told to sell his Lamborghini golf cart or lose his wife ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide