Watch These Little RC Cars Drift Like Their Full-size Relatives

Drifting in the real world is not what you’d call easy. The pros make it look like massaging ink onto a canvas, the less experienced can turn a drift into a big, big mistake. Unsurprisingly, it’s rather difficult in miniature scale as well, which makes Falken Tire’s latest stunt pretty impressive.  The rubber giant got the idea to take four radio-controlled 1/10th scale drift cars and fling them around a miniature nighttime street circuit – very sideways and exceedingly smoky. And that’s just what they did. Take a look. VIDEO: Watch This RC Car Speed Through City Streets Like a Real Car
RELATED: BOOM! This RC Car Just Broke the 200 mph World Record The scene was shot at the Super-G Drift Arena in Baldwin Park, California, and according to Falken, the shoot took over 11 hours and a sizable two weeks were spent on prep time, much of which we can assume went into the cars. The 1/10th scale drift machines – a Toyota Trueno AE86, Mazda RX-7 FD, Nissan Silvia S15, and Toyota Mark II JZX100 – feature extensive body kits, big wings, eye-catching led lights, and actually wear mini versions of Falken’s Azenis RT615k tires. They’re not just for your full-size car anymore. Interestingly, there’s more RC car drift action to come. Falken hinted that its future radio-controlled car videos will feature a more fixed backdrop. Apparently the occasional errant RC car caused lots of damage on set, knocking down mini guardrails, buildings, and other scenery. Consider us intrigued. RELATED: Honey Bee Brains Can Officially Fly Drones Now ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide