Some Jerk Allegedly Peed on Top of a Ferrari 458

Excuse the late pass, but I really wanted to yell at this kid for a hot minute. Without actually seeing this dude's junk, this Vine shows an anonymous person standing on top of a Ferrari 458 and freely urinating all over the roof. Unsurprisingly, the bro is wearing a wack pair of J's, basketball shorts and high socks. It's bad enough that he's standing on top of the car, which interestingly looks extremely similar to the SR Auto Group Ferrari 458 Spider. The only other information from the video is the person behind the camera saying, "n*gga's pissing on the 'Rari, oh my God!" The caption just says "no chill," the account name is just Paul. RELATED: Watch a Disrespectful BMX Rider Use a Murcielago as a Ramp
Because this is the only look or info on the vandalism, there's always the chance that it's actually just water, that he knows the person who owns this car, that it's his car, or that it's all just some big stunt. But it doesn't look that way, and it's disgraceful. I've tried a few methods in attempts to try to reach out to the person who filmed the Vine but have yet to hear back. If anybody knows who he is (and can confirm this is indeed real), please inform us all, so we can berate him. PHOTOS: Rick Ross and DJ Khaled Tee Up on Top of a Maybach and Rolls-Royce ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide