Watch this ‘90s Minivan Destroy a Dodge Viper in a Drag Race

The typical minivan and sports car don’t have much in common. One tends to be slow and dreadful, the other fast and exciting. But take a cruise up to New England Dragway and one van in particular will turn that notion on its head.  Meet Leon Reitman and his 1993 Eagle Summit. The grocery-getter came from the factory with all-wheel-drive, which it still has, but Reitman has donated a few performance bits along the way. When we last saw the Eagle, Reitman was busy demolishing a Ford Mustang and a Toyota Supra. He’s since graduated to Dodge Vipers, but the result is still the same. VIDEO: Watch this 2015 Viper TA drag race a 2015 Corvette Z06
RELATED: This twin-turbo Viper TA could win a race on intimidation alone Like a shot from a cannon, the Eagle blasts off the line, shimmying and shaking on its all-wheel-drive, and leaving the Viper looking desperately lonely at the start. Twelve seconds later, Reitman crosses the quarter mile – the Viper well in his mirrors. He gave it a second run and pulled out an even faster 11.69 second pass at 120 mph. The source of that amazing acceleration comes from a turbocharged 4G63 engine – the same motor found in the old Mitsubishi Evo – which sips pump gas, runs 23 psi of boost, and still drives the Summit’s all-wheel-drive system… albeit much, much faster now. The Eagle Summit isn’t a car you see every day, but if you happen across one in southern New Hampshire, perhaps challenging it to a race between the lights is ill-advised. RELATED: Only 50 lucky people could buy this special edition 'carbon' Viper TA ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide