Pretty Soon, Your Smartphone Could Literally Be Your I.D.

"Hold on, officer, just gotta swipe right on this hot mamacita really quick." "Sir, I asked you for your license and registration." "Yeah, dude, gimme a second, I have to pull it up on another app, and this thing lags a ton. I'm still stuck on that 5C train to nowhere." That is the future. Well, hopefully not everybody talks like that, but in times when you need to show your driver's license for identification, you'll simply be able to pull out your phone and pull it up. No more flimsy plastic cards that you accidentally wash every few months. At least, that's Iowa's, California's, and Delaware's plan. RELATED: Russia Bans Transgender People From Driving Testing of the program will begin this year, and if all things go well, and any bugs or privacy issues are resolvable, the systems could roll out as early as next year. Obviously, the biggest advantage of the digital license is ease and convenience, but at what cost? The biggest problem everybody has with anything that moves to digital platforms (a la credit cards, rewards cards, banking) is security and privacy. There are a variety of ideas to quell these worries. One way is to use an extra security step that requires a PIN or fingerprint. Another is the addition of a holographic-like image that will help ensure it can not easily be copied. Additionally, whenever users pull up the license, it will have a live connection for monitoring (*waits for concern about even easier methods to spy on us*). Get over it, if somebody really wants to spy on you, it's already possible and probably happening right meow. RELATED: Car Thief Throws a Brick, Mercedes Throws it Back Maybe the best part about all of this is the fact that a digital license that can connect and automatically update could require less trips to that special hellish place on Earth known as the Department of Motor Vehicles. Change address? No problem. Gain 100 pounds? No problem. Get married? Piece of cake. That's all easier than ever to update. Pretty soon, your phone will act like you, look like you, basically just be a you that's better at doing math. ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide