Hit and Run Driver Callously Strikes an Elderly Pedestrian

Southern California might have some of the best cars in the country, but it also has some of the most vile drivers. A McDonald's in Huntington Beach released video of a Dodge Challenger backing into an elderly woman, checking the situation, and fleeing the scene after the hit and run. The crime happened last week when the 86-year-old woman was leaving the fast food restaurant with her husband and daughter. After pulling into the parking lot, the Challenger quickly backs up and knocks the lady off of her feet, literally. RELATED: Oops: Watch a Bugatti L’Or Blanc Back Into a LaFerrari After the father and daughter both hit the top of the car to tell him to stop, the passenger of the Challenger comes out to look at what happened. Then the driver gets out. They both clearly see that he hit the woman, and yet, they just get back into the car and dip. Just like that, gone. According to KTLA, the woman, who is a regular at this McDonald's, was taken to the hospital and later released with no serious injuries. The driver is now facing felony charges. RELATED: Watch a Charging Buffalo Hit a Car, Turn Real Life Into a State Farm Ad ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide