People often celebrate a big raise or a hefty bonus by purchasing something that would usually be considered a bit impractical in other circumstances. James May was no exception when he plunked down £200k ($306,000) to purchase a shiny new Ferrari 458 Speciale to celebrate his new Top Gear contract. You know, the one that never materialized. Until the Jeremy Clarkson Fracas, more episodes of Top Gear were a sure thing with all three hosts about to sign new contracts. There were a few details still to be worked out, but everything was on track, so May decided to buy the car as a nice pat on the back, according to Mirror. PHOTOS: See What Makes the Ferrari 458 Speciale So Exclusive Shortly after May placed the order for his Ferrari, Clarkson was axed from the show, and James May and Richard Hammond decided they weren't going to do Top Gear without their compatriot. Top Gear as it existed is now but a memory, along with that lucrative contract. It was all gone in an instant, except the order for May's new Ferrari 458 Speciale, which was sitting in Ferrari's system just waiting for him to confirm the final details. PHOTOS: The 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB Is An Even Better 458
James May Bought a Ferrari to Celebrate 'Top Gear' Just as Clarkson Was Let Go
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