Matt Kemp Threw Forgiatos on His Rolls-Royce Wraith

You can take Matt Kemp out of Hollywood, but he's still going to stunt like he's in L.A. Especially when his go-to customization shop is still Pro Motorsports. The aftermarket garage, which has locations in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nevada, gave Kemp's Roll-Royce Wraith the blackout treatment. It has a contrasting textured look with the matte hood, and the black Forgiatos were thrown on for good measure. The rubber wrapping those those wheels is nothing less than Nitto. RELATED: Laker Julius Randle Rolls in a Range Rover on His Road to Recovery After the Dodgers traded him to the San Diego Padres during the offseason, Kemp has performed well so far in his first season outside of L.A. Through his first 21 games, he's batting .345 and already has half as many steals (4) as he had all of last season (8).  The Padres are currently positioned in third place in the National League West with an 11-10 record. RELATED: Cubs Pitcher Jon Lester Drives a Freakin’ Massive Ford F-250 ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide