Dan Bilzerian Got His Face on a NASCAR Stock Car

Pretty much everyone that’s ever been on the internet for even a little bit of time knows the exploits of Dan Bilzerian. The self-proclaimed “King of Instagram,” is known for his over the top shenanigans with busty ladies and big weapons. He’s also a big car guy, as shown by his Mercedes G63 6x6. But his latest exploit — while car related — doesn’t have him in the driver’s seat. The story goes, Bilzerian was playing poker with Ron Devine, owner of the Burger King NASCAR racing team. Devine lost to Blizerian, but instead of paying the “King of Instagram,” Bilzerian got his face plastered onto the hood of Devine’s professional NASCAR racecar, as well as a picture of Blizerian’s pet goat. RELATED: Check out Dan Bilzerian's G63 6x6 in Action While the world of NASCAR isn’t known for its subtle racecar liveries, a picture of a man in a beard and a pet goat definitely takes home the prize for world's weirdest. We aren’t sure if Bilzerian's mug will stay on the car for the next race or if it’s a onetime thing, but this guy definitely knows how to set the internet ablaze. RELATED: Check Out This 1969 Mercury Cyclone NASCAR Stock Car ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide