Help Save This Classic Davis Divan From Obscurity and Death

If you haven’t noticed yet, we're huge fans of automotive esoterica. The weird, the quirky, the ones that often make no sense— we love them all. That’s why we love cars like the Morgan Three Wheeler and DMC Delorean so much, their history and construction defy logic. And it’s that the same love that fills our hearts with joy for another three-wheeled car, the Davis Divan. The Divan’s history is one of both vision and deceit, much like the Delorean. In 1947, Gary Davis, a movie-car broker, saw a prototype car called “The Californian.” Racecar builder Frank Kurtis built “the Californian” as just strictly a prototype, but Davis saw an inherent beauty in the cars three-wheeled design. Davis then bought the prototype and used it to model the Divan’s overall construction. RELATED: Check Out Our Review of the Morgan Three-Wheeler   The Divan came with either a 47 horsepower Hercules industrial four-cylinder engine, or a Continental powerplant, both of which were mated to a Borg-Warner 3-speed manual transmission. However, the Divan’s body is what makes it such a classic design. Made out of aluminum, and built by using the same standards engineers used to build airplanes, the Divan’s aptitude for stopping everyone in its tracks lies in its glorious teardrop shaped exterior. The Divan’s single bench seat could even fit up to four people, which added to the cars overall quirkiness. During the incredibly short time the Divan was built — 1947-1948 — only 17 cars made it out off the assembly line. But it wasn’t the cars peculiar attributes that brought production to a halt, but rather, the embezzlement committed by Davis himself. Gary Davis was convicted of 20 of the 28 charges he faced, including fraud, and was sentenced to jail. In the end, many of Davis’s creditors tried to get Reliant, makers of the awesomely terrible Robin, to manufacture the car. Unfortunately it was not meant to be. Now though, through an Indiegogo campaign, the Petersen Automotive Museum wants to bring back and lovingly restore one of these very rare Davis Divan’s. RELATED: Watch Jeremy Clarkson Roll a Reliant Robin Over and Over Again   In a bid to help preserve the automotive history of Southern California, the Petersen has launched the crowd funding campaign in order to restore the museum’s Divan. While currently running, the museum’s particular Divan once sat outside of a Colorado body shop, mounted to a pole. And after many rough Colorado winters, (and did we mentioned mounted to a pole?) The car needs some help in order to get it ready for display at the museum for its grand reopening this December. The Petersen is offering tons of awesome perks at different levels of the campaign, including a guided walk through of the Divan as it’s being restored, so long as you’re in Southern California. Head on over to the Petersen’s Indiegogo campaign page and contribute now to save this unique piece of American automotive history. RELATED: Check Out the Three-Wheeled Polaris Slingshot   ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide