You Won’t Believe This Leading Cause of Stolen Cars

More than 20 years ago, Forrest Gump spoke the famous words, “Stupid is as stupid does.” He might have been talking about Americans and how well they take care of their cars. You won’t believe what one of the leading causes of car theft is. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) says that people leaving their keys in the ignition resulted in 44,828 stolen vehicles in 2014. Modern cars have anti-theft technology like you wouldn’t believe, but you can’t fight stupid. Even worse, the president and CEO of NICB says the number might even be higher. RELATED: Chevy Impala Gets Stolen in Idaho, Found in London “Am I shocked by these numbers?," NICB President and CEO Joe Wehrle said. "Not one bit. In fact, I’m sure the numbers are probably higher, because we are only able to determine the thefts where the car was recovered with the keys inside, or where someone admitted they left the keys in the car or the ignition. Many times that is not admitted in the police report or the insurance claim.” In three years, almost $750 million worth of vehicles have been stolen because the keys were left inside. It turns out, Wehrle said, some of these people aren’t just stupid. They’re also criminals. They leave the keys in their cars hoping they will get stolen. They can then file fraudulent insurance claims to get out of debt. Well, until they get caught and have to pay an attorney to defend them against criminal stupidity. RELATED: Stolen Jaguar Gets Recovered 47 Years Later The top state for leaving the keys in the ignition is California (19,597), Texas (8,796), Florida (7,868), Michigan (7,726), and Ohio (7,452). Looking at day-of-week data, Saturday saw the most thefts with keys (19,147) followed by Friday (18,719) and Monday (18,647). How much does people’s stupidity affect the stolen car rate in this country? The NICB says if the 44,828 thefts were removed from 2014’s reported estimated total of 659,717, the thefts would fall to 614,889. The last time national vehicle thefts were that low was 1966. RELATED: The Most Stolen Cars and Trucks in the United States Photo Credit: NICB ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide