Richard Hammond is Singlehandedly Filming 'Top Gear' on YouTube, Sort Of

The dust has finally settled on the infamous Top Gear fracas, but that isn’t to say the trio have been taking their TV hiatus in leisure. Jeremy Clarkson has vowed to begin again with a new motoring program, James May is busy giving cooking and recorder instructions online, and Richard Hammond – although clearly bored – has taken to the roads in a new series of YouTube videos.  The latest short film – his follow-up to last week’s “Bored” and “Bored 2” – sees Hammond embark on a short drive in his 1931 Lagonda. The drive, as you’ll find out, is actually quite short, but in typical Top Gear fashion it’s nonetheless aesthetically well shot and interesting. Take a look. VIDEO: Watch Richard Hammond's 'Bored' sheep herding video that went viral
It may also be one of the world’s greatest endorsements of Pot Noodle... the preferred instant snack food of BBC motoring journalists, worldwide. All things considered, the ex-Top Gear trio may not be on hiatus for long. The Guardian is reporting that Richard Hammond and James May have officially turned down any return to Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson, and that longtime producer Andy Wilman will also leave the program. Clarkson made it clear in his recent Sunday Times column that he will quarterback a new motoring TV show, but wouldn’t elaborate on the specifics yet. It looks as though it’ll be YouTube for the time being, with more shepherd’s pie tips from James May, and a weekly boredom update form Richard Hammond. RELATED: These ill-fated golf carts from Top Gear Live must be sold off _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide