Ultra Rare Porsche Go-Kart Could Be Worth More than a Real Car

In 1981, Porsche’s 936 race car took home a thrilling third win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, this time with drivers Jacky Ickx and Derek Bell behind the wheel. This is not that car. In fact, this isn’t a car at all.  Rather, it’s a half-scale go-kart replica, known as the Porsche 936 Junior, which pays homage to the iconic 936 race car. Porsche produced between 50 and 100 of these rarified karts in the early ‘80s, this one included, but it’s a bit more special than the rest. This 936 Junior just came up for sale on eBay and it has never even left its delivery box (note the pallet underneath). RELATED: Take a closer look at the iconic Porsche 936 race car The impetus behind the Porsche 936 Junior kart may have been rooted in the company’s Le Mans success, but the actual kart idea allegedly came from Poland. Rally champion Sobieslaw Zasada built Ferry Porsche a miniature 936 in the early ‘80s. Ferry apparently loved it so much that it found a spot in the Porsche Museum. Soon after, the limited production of 50 to 100 karts began, which were given to drivers, company executives, and sold to dealers around the world. The exceedingly rare karts featured molded fiberglass bodies dressed in the 1981 winning ‘Jules’ livery, functional turn signals and low- and high-beam headlights, an adjustable rear spoiler, a leather seat, alloy wheels, rear disc brakes, and even hydraulic shock absorbers. However there’s no 2.1-liter flat-six turbo like in its bigger brother. All of the 936 Juniors were instead fitted with four-stoke Briggs and Stratton engines, good for five horsepower and mated to three-speed manual gearboxes. Top speed? 32 mph… if you dare. VIDEO: Take a ride in a 1977 Porsche 936 hot lap of Le Mans This version is of particular interest. The seller confirms that he uncovered the still-in-the-box Porsche 936 Junior in a warehouse and that the previous owner alleged it was one of the very last produced. The early Junior karts featured different racing stripes, the number 11, and both Ickx’s and Bell’s names on the side of the cockpit. When he asked why his and one other version he’d seen hadn’t worn those decals, he was told the factory simply ran out (hence the solo ‘1’). Another Porsche 936 Junior kart sold with Mecum Auctions in 2013 for a healthy $22,000 while a more recent example sold for $23,600 at Bonhams. Given that this model has never even left the box… the sky could be the limit. RELATED: This rarified 1974 Porsche 911 RSR sold for $1.2 million ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide