Volvo Understands True Luxury, Eliminates XC90 Front Seat for Passenger Comfort

Mercedes-Benz doesn't get it, BMW doesn't get, Audi doesn't get it, Infiniti doesn't get it, Range Rover doesn't get it, and Cadillac doesn't get it. Not even Maserati gets it. But Volvo? Volvo gets it: "it" being complete and total luxury. And no, the Swedish company isn't offering whale penis leather. That's not luxury, that's just ... weird. In order to maximize passenger comfort, Volvo has removed the front seat in the XC90 Excellence Lounge Concept, a special release specific to the Chinese market. The third row was also removed in the SUV in order to move the second row back and expand legroom. In place of the front seat, there is a multi-function unit that can be used as an ottoman, a 17-inch media display, or desk table. Remember when it was a big deal to have a 20-inch TV in your bedroom? PHOTOS: The 2015 XC90 Takes Volvo to an Entirely New Level The car is targeted at China due to the growing luxury automotive space, as well as the higher use of personal chauffeurs. If Buick could sell more than 900,000 units in China last year, this is sure to be a success.
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