This Barn Find Jaguar E-Type Comes With Dust and All

The 1970s spelled a change in automotive design, one that many would argue was for the worse, but the decade wasn’t without its standouts – the Series III Jaguar E-Type being one of them. Introduced in ’71, the new E-Type evolved the breed with lightly updated visuals, better brakes, and standard power steering, but its most most important contribution came from under the hood – a 5.3-liter V12.  Jaguar built only 15,290 cars over the course of four years, and this dusty barn find E-Type roadster makes that short list. It will cross the Silverstone Auctions block in May and shows only 7,700 miles since new – dust and fingerprints included. RELATED: This rare Aston Martin DB2/4 barn find was unearthed after 50 years Whereas a restored car gives you an understanding of its history, an untouched barn find car is more of a deep dive into the history books. According to the auction house, this E-Type isn’t just a genuine barn find, but a one-family car as well. The Jaguar was originally purchased by the current owner’s grandfather in August 1973. He drove it around – only just – and in April 1993, he passed it down to his son. At that point he parked it, properly prepped the engine for storage, and hid the car away in a heated brick barn. Later, it was transported into a smaller shed but wrapped in a dehumidified storage bubble. The current owner, and grandson, took ownership of the car late last year when his father sadly passed away – still showing a scant 7,700 original miles on the dash. Early this year its brakes and V12 engine were carefully brought back to life, and now it triumphantly wears a current UK road regulations pass… as well as an older approval sticker, circa 1990. RELATED: Check out the red DeLorean barn find that shocked the Internet Jaguar has since returned to its splendor, what with the exciting F-Type roadster and ‘good to be bad’ slogan, but the E-Type is by far and away the quintessential Jaguar. This E-Type roadster, which features an original interior, bodywork, paint and tool kit, is expected to gavel for between £75,000 and £90,000 (around $113,000 and $135,000 at today’s rates). RELATED: This poo covered Mercedes has to be the world barn find in history _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide