These Ill-Fated 'Top Gear' Golf Carts Must Be Sold Off

For fans around the world, the absence of Top Gear from TV screens is unfortunate. For fans Down Under though, it hits a bit closer to home. In the wake of the infamous fracas, the April Top Gear Festival, which was scheduled for Sydney, Australia, was cancelled.  It has since been renamed Clarkson, Hammond & May Live and will return to Sydney in July, but it isn’t without its casualties – namely these 11 electric golf carts. The carts were provided by EMC for Clarkson, Hammond, and May’s personal use, as well as for Ferrari, Toyota, and Subaru staff, but given the event’s name and date change, the carts are no longer needed. All 11 of them, many of which are said to be brand new, will be sold off beginning on April 30 by GraysOnline. RELATED: Jeremy Clarkson will make a new car TV show, not Top Gear RELATED: Richard Hammond and James May will sell 12 of their motorcycles It’s a highly unique scenario for sure, though it remains to be seen whether there’s value here beyond the intrinsic worth of an electric golf cart. All of the carts don number decals and special Top Gear Live Sydney graphics. The auction house also notes that the carts allotted for Clarkson, Hammond, and May are high performance models. But the ill-fated carts will never ferry around the co-presenters, apparently even despite the live event returning to Sydney later this year. Interested? The Top Gear fan in you will have to hitch it to Lidcombe, New South Wales to claim your cart. VIDEO: Richard Hammond's 'Bored' video goes viral on YouTube ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide