We Need a Few of These Crazy Bearings Karts

The world of extreme sports is one that is always searching for the next big thrill, the next new rush... the next way of potentially needing massive skin grafts. And that’s really why people love them. So when it comes to barreling downhill at dangerous speeds, New Zealand's bearings karts might just be that new fun idea you extreme athletes are looking for. Essentially, you take a luge run, a luge sled, add some wheels and a steering system, and bomb down hills at breakneck speeds. It looks fun, and extremely dangerous. Sadly, these aren’t available in the US yet, and are only at a specific park in New Zealand. So if you’re heading down under and want a rush, you should definitely hit this place up and have some fun! Watch the video below and see for yourself: RELATED: The Trifecta DRT is Like the Supercar of e-Bikes
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