Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Final Edition is a Giant Letdown [UPDATE]

A few months ago, Mitsubishi — which has been one of the most beleaguered automakers lately — announced that they would be killing off the legend that is the Lancer Evolution. The company just couldn’t find the profit margins to keep the AWD rally monster going. While many Evo enthusiasts were saddened by the news of the death of the car, they were conversely happy about the way Mitsubishi was planning to send it off. To give this rally car a proper goodbye, Mitsubishi went all out and built the Lancer Evolution X Final Concept (key word there being concept). It was a 473-horsepower weapon, and when debuted, it was hinted to drop globally. But given that this is Mitsubishi, we should have expected that they’d somehow screw it up. RELATED: See More of the 473-Horsepower Lancer Evo X Final Concept Gone is the 473-horsepower maniac engine, and in its place the same 291 horsepower mill that’s been in the Evolution X since 2007. However, while the tuned motor is gone, Mitsubishi is keeping the upgraded Bilstein shocks, Brembo Brackes, new lighter BBS rims, and a nice set of Eibach springs to make this car handle anything you throw at it. Here’s the worse new though. While originally tipped to be a global car, meaning the US and UK would also get one, Mitsubishi is only allowing this final, modified version to be sold in Japan. Essentially, Mitsubishi teased the heck out of the entire enthusiast community and then yanked the rug out from our feet. At least we still have the STI and new Golf R for AWD hooning. RELATED: Check Out the New Volkswagen Golf R [UPDATE 04/30] Mitsubishi has reached out to clarify and the U.S. will in fact get a Final Edition Evo X, but the one reported on here is for the Japanese market. Details on the US-spec Evo X will be given at a later date. ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide