Watch Chimpanzees Check for Traffic Before Crossing a Street

Apparently, some chimpanzees are smarter than some humans. This new footage taken in Uganda’s Kibale National Park shows a group of the animals coming to a road, looking both ways, and waiting before crossing. One of them even waits to make sure all have made it safely. This comes from a 29-month study from the American Journal of Primatology that focuses on "the effects of asphalted highways on wild chimpanzee behaviors." The survey looked at 122 chimpanzees and noted that 92 percent of them looked before crossing and 57 percent ran across to ensure safety. PHOTOS: The Gas Monkey Garage Ferrari Is Unlike Any Ferrari
New Scientist also noted this finding about alphas: "Alpha males led and organized 83 per cent of the road-crossing posses, compared with only 51 per cent of tree-climbing expeditions in the forest studied in parallel. This implies that they recognized the importance of extra vigilance during road crossings. "There was also evidence that healthy and dominant chimps often made sure that stragglers or more vulnerable members of the group crossed safely. Some 86 per cent of the healthy chimps looked back or stopped when at least one vulnerable individual, such as an infant or injured chimp, trailed behind." The studies are intended to collect information that can help the safety of animals who are in areas where their natural habitats have been overtaken by humans. PHOTOS: The Gas Monkey Garage 1960 Bel Air Is Retro Car Porn ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide