Watch Jon Olsson Carve Through the Snow in His 1,000HP Audi

Jon Olsson recently revealed his lastest masterpiece, the Audi RS 6 DTM, which he will be driving in the next Gumball 3000. You don't have to wait until then to see the car in action, though. Olsson has filmed some amazing video of his sweet ride plowing through the snow. Driving this car through huge drifts of snow on an icy road aren't what most people would do, but most people aren't Olsson. He plows right on through like there's nothing in his way sending up huge plumes of snow in his wake. There are moments when you can hardly see the black car for all the snow in the way. RELATED: Jon Olsson's Rebellion R2K is Up For Sale It manages this feat thanks to its 1,000 horsepower engine that started life as a twin turbo V8. It was sent out for some modifications including custom-built turbos anodized with 18 karat gold to keep them from overheating. There's also lots of carbon fiber and, since this is Olsson, room to carry his skis once he gets to the top of whatever mountain he's climbing in this video. It almost makes you wish winter was still here. Almost. RELATED: See More of Jon Olsson's Audi RS 6 DTM
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