It’s a Miracle— Subaru Is Building a BRZ STI

Rejoice, friends and enthusiasts everywhere. Subaru, in a plan to expand its STI range stateside, is finally building the BRZ STI sports car that everyone and their mother has been begging for. “The United States is at the highest priority for STI,” STI President Yoshio Hirakawa told Automotive News. “We’d like to create a car that drivers can control like their own legs so they can push the car to the limit.” RELATED: See More of the 2015 BRZ STI Performance Concept That’s definitely good, exciting news— but there is a little bit of bad news to go along with it. According to Hirakawa, we won’t see a BRZ STI for “a couple years.” That gives all you 20-somethings enough time to fill up your piggy banks. The BRZ STI will take a number of cues from the STI Concept we saw in New York, though, we won’t know any details for another few years. Still, BRZ STI! It's really happening! RELATED: See Photos of the Subaru BRZ Series.Blue ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide