Richard Hammond's 'Bored' Sheep Herding Film Goes Viral

A month has passed since the infamous 'fracas' caused Top Gear to disappear from TV screens, and it would appear the presenters have different ways of dealing with their excessive free time. James May was the first to take to YouTube, playing 'British Grenadiers' on the recorder. Co-star Richard Hammond now joins May with a short film entitled 'Bored.'  The 10-minute clip features largely self-shot footage of Hammond on a recent trip to Buttermere, United Kingdom, on a sheep-wrangling quest. The film cuts may be simple, the big budgets nought, nevertheless Hammond's film features many of the great styling hallmarks of a Top Gear production, and a fittingly Top Gear ending. Take a look. RELATED: A devoted Top Gear fan created these incredible paintings of the cast
RELATED: Richard Hammond and James May are selling off 12 of their motorcycles In under a day's time the video has garnered over 200,000 views online. Monday morning, Richard Hammond tweeted, “Have made cutdown version of Bored. Called it Bored 2 and put it on YouTube on 'Richard Hammond is bored'. Not so bored now.” The film comes just a day after co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson revealed in his Sunday Times column that he will create a new car show in the wake of his dismissal from Top Gear, however he hasn't elaborated on the program's format, network affiliation or cast. Given the history between Clarkson, Hammond, and May, as well as the later pair's boredom of late – it isn't a stretch to conceive that all three will soon find themselves once again on the same motoring program. VIDEO: Watch Jeremy Clarkson's 11 Best Top Gear Moments ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide