David Hasselhoff's Music Video Is Four Minutes of Countach and Kung Fu Glory

Permit DENIED. Access to the best music video of all time, ever created, ever in history, GRANTED. David Hasselhoff, songbird of my generation, your generation, your mother's generation, and every other generation is back with the video for his song "True Survivor." And it's wicked. The '80s-themed clip is basically an entire action movie packed into a few short minutes. You get a Tyrannosaurus Rex, flamethrowers, flying Lamborghini Countaches, a demon wolf, vikings, fight scenes that are a great fusion of Mortal Combat and The Matrix, beautiful mountainscapes, and a keytar. Repeat: dinosaurs and a keytar. Together to make sweet visual love. And the music isn't actually that bad. RELATED: The 1988 Lamborghini Countach Is the Best 25th Anniversary Gift
This is the lead single from Kung Fury, a "visually spectacular action comedy that has its foundation in 80s cop movies," which was funded through Kickstarter. If only it were the start of a full album ... RELATED: KITT Replica Will Make You Look as Cool as The Hoff: For Sale ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide