Ferrari's Tablet App Lets Prospective Buyers Play Mechanic and Customizer

Ferrari is changing the way rich people shop for and buy cars. The Italian auto manufacturer just launched an Augmented Reality Showroom app that allows people to use a tablet to virtually change options like wheels, color, or brakes on the car that's right in front of them. The app, which was built out with developer Zspace and software tech company Metaio, uses 3D tracking through the camera on the tablet to match and identify a car in the showroom (it currently can match with five different models — the 458 Speciale, the 458 Spider, the FF, the F12berlinetta, and the California T). From there, you can go through a seven-stop walkaround. RELATED: The 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB Is a Matured, More Exprienced 458
The virtual experience can show you an aero tunnel test, a view of how the underpinnings and the powertrain function, a breakdown of the wheels and brakes, and the car in a variety of color combinations. Expect to see this tech in the showrooms starting next month. RELATED: The Ferrari F12berlinetta holds a monstrous 720-Horsepower V12 ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide