Walt Disney World's Newest Ride is the Amphicar

The amphibious Amphicar, the fastest boat on the highway in the 1960s, might have received its death sentence in 1968 when the car's production run ended, but that hasn't stopped Disney World from giving a few of the cars a heroic retirement.  One of Walt Disney World's newest restaurants, a dockside eatery called The Boathouse, will feature a small fleet of nine Amphicars pulling double duty as floating artwork and working as water taxis. After you've had your fill of seafood, simply jaunt down to the harbor and an Amphicar 'Captain' can lead you and two friends on a guided tour of the park's Lake Buena Vista. RELATED: See more photos of the iconic Amphicar According to Disney, the tours last about 20 minutes and come with a price tag of around $125, sizable for sure, but then again driving headlong into a lake for fun isn't the type of thing you can do every day. Unless you, too, own an Amphicar. The Boathouse is just part of Walt Disney World's new Disney Springs location, set for full completion in Spring 2016. If you're looking to go cruising around in an Amphicar, you could be one of the first. Disney says its Amphicar fleet went into operation on Monday, and that all nine cars are original, not replicas. RELATED: Learn the history of the Amphicar The Amphicar 770, known for its 7 mph top speed on water and 70 mph land speed, was the brainchild of German designer Hans Trippel, who sourced an 1147cc four-cylinder engine from the Triumph Herald to power his craft. The lion's share of Amphicars made their way to US shores, pun intended, until EPA and DOT restrictions closed the door in 1968. Just under 4,000 Amphicars rolled off the production lines in total. RELATED: No way! Somebody bought this Disney World monorail ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide