New Mercedes Pickup Won’t Be a ‘Fat Cowboy Truck,’ Whatever That Means

When Mercedes-Benz said they were building a pickup truck, I honestly thought it was a joke. Much to my chagrin, recent confirmations have debunked my latest conspiracy theory. Except there’s one problem: us fat cowboys probably won’t be able to buy one. According to Mercedes-Benz boss Folksier Mornhiweg in a recent interview with Car Magazine, the new Mercedes pickup won’t be a “fat cowboy truck for North America.” Oh, la di da, it looks like Mercedes-Benz and its fancy new pickup truck are too good for the American market. With Ford, GM and Ram already owning 90% of the full-size truck market, Mercedes thinks it would be pretty much pointless to go up against the segment big boys. And they’re pretty much right. RELATED: The Mercedes-Benz AMG 6x6 is a Pickup We'd Love to Drive Rather, the new Benz will be a mid-size pickup, aimed at markets like South America and Europe, based loosely on the Nissan Navara. It will also be offered in three trim levels, “workhorse, dual use and leisure and family.” For North American cowboys still interested in the idea of a Benz pickup, there is a small glimmer of hope in Nissan’s Aguascalientes, Mexico, plant, which would make it easy for Mercedes to export to the States from there. As of now, the verdict is still out. RELATED: This Might be the Cutest Little Unimog You've Ever Seen ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide